Mitchell County, Texas  Public Independent School Districts


Public School Districts in Mitchell County with links to websites, along with the name of each school's mascot.


Mascots' names and background to mascots are in each schools' colors. 

   Colorado ISD*

Home of the Wolves!

 Forsan ISD**

The Forsan Buffaloes!

   Ira ISD***

Bulldog Country!

  Loraine ISD

Home of the Bulldogs

Roscoe ISD****

Plowboys and Plowgirls!

  Snyder ISD*****

Tigers Territory!

Westbrook ISD

Home of the Wildcats!

*Portion of  Colorado ISD is in adjoining Scurry  County, Texas.

**Major portion of Forsan ISD is in adjoining  Howard County, Texas.

***A major portion of Ira ISD is in adjoining Scurry County, Texas.

****Portion of Roscoe ISD is in adjoining Scurry, Fisher, and Nolan Counties.

*****Portion of Synder (top left corner) ISD extends in adjoining Scurry, and Kent,  Counties.

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Map of Public School Districts within Mitchell County, Texas*.

*Portions of the above map courtesy of TEA.

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